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Adam Chapman

The Founder of The Bickering Press. Having reached his mid 20s, he felt disenfranchised with the world and looked for a place to rant. Somewhat of a nomad he’s ended up in Liverpool after living in Singapore, Wales, Suffolk, London, Dubai and Essex previously. Accent unknown.

Sleek & Beautiful


Although sharing a name with a Norse goddess, is far less shapely. He’s done stuff in life and he’s been left aggrieved and skewed by it…and petulant, sarcastic, grudging, brattish and truculent. He owns a thesaurus. There’s a website (possibly defunct) and if you really need to know more about a waste of stardust, try tapping ‘alecsillifant.com’ into something.

Sleek & Beautiful


If there is something bothering you about the modern world then get in touch and you could be featured.

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September 20, 2018 No Comments

For King And Country

The now iconic finger point of Lord Kitchener calling upon the men of Blighty to volunteer for the new army to fight for king and country. This poster could be found on pretty much every street in Britain at the start of the first world war before conscription was instated in 1916.    Facebook Comments

Fantasy Football League
September 19, 2018 No Comments

The Bickering Fantasy League – Gameweek 5

Oh god, it’s all going wrong. After what was a promising start to the season I’ve dropped to second from bottom of the league. Alas as a wounded soldier I must go on and bring to you the round-up from gameweek 5.  Facebook Comments

Cult, Worship, Cult leader
September 18, 2018 No Comments

Hallelujah! A New Church!

Let’s call it 35 years, give or take. 35 years of trying to do the right thing and get on in life, keep my head above water. Facebook Comments