How Dead Is The Walking Dead? Episode 5 “The Big Scary U”

Miracles do happen occasionally. I got a good night’s sleep and up early on a Monday. Jesus Christ reincarnate? possibly, but more importantly, it means I’m on time for this week’s edition of how dead is The Walking Dead? So according to the trailer, we’re going to see Negan again and finally find out what […]

Five Things We’ve Learnt This Week #7

Oh god, here we go again. Anyone else starting to find TV less funny as our actual reality becomes so much more satirical? Legit, I’ve stopped watching Black Mirror as it just seems too much like a documentary nowadays and honestly if I’m watching a doc I’m going with ol’Dave and his lovely soothing narration […]

A Modern Day Heartbreak

Throughout the centuries man has told tales of love, loss and lust. From Shakespeare to The Notebook, the trials and tribulations faced by those pursuing the possibility of a partner has become the basis of timeless stories. Now call me an optimist but I’d like to think that romance isn’t dead, however, the modern world […]

‘England Expects Every Woman To Do Her Duty’

‘War! Huh! Yeah! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing…’ as Edwin Starr (no relation to Freddie, as far as I know) famously sang. And who would disagree with that? I suppose it could be argued there have been justified wars, chapter II of the World War series for one but generally, it is universally […]

How Dead Is The Walking Dead? Episode 4 “Some Guy”

Right, Again I must apologise, We’re one day late on this, turns out Monday’s aren’t my strong suit. I can make all the excuses in the world but honestly, I had worked a hell of a lot of hours on the weekend and sort of needed a day off, Plus if anyone has ever gone […]

Five Things We’ve Learnt This Week #6

The highs, lows, exciting and frustrating what is happening in the world nowadays? Well if this week is anything to go by then we’re all screwed. America Will Never Learn  On the most recent Sunday, yet another horrific shooting happened in America. The same questions have been asked, the same criticisms of the second amendment […]

Pigeons: And Their Message For Our Times

Unfairly labelled by the truly ignorant as ‘flying rats’, the much-maligned feral pigeon, that’s the one we see in our towns and cities, has been mistreated and misjudged for far too long. Recently I’ve been blogging about just how wonderful these gentle doves are – to defend them and to highlight the fact that they […]

Is It Worth Buying Call Of Duty WWII?

If you haven’t heard due to living under a rock, not owning a TV or not reading our most recent Five Thing We’ve Learnt This Week then you might not have noticed that Call Of Duty is giving up the jetpacks and returning to its roots. WORLD WAR II Sure this is a big move […]

How Dead Is The Walking Dead? Episode 3 “Monsters”

A bit of a delay on this one after a few technical issues yesterday, those technical issues being that my head felt like the size of a hot air balloon. Must have been all those fireworks on Sunday night, that or the fact I unknowingly drank 9% ales, I’m sticking with the fireworks theory though. […]

Five Things We’ve Learnt This Week #5

Good god, is it the end of days? There’s some worrying tea leaves out there showing some rather grim predictions of the future. Let’s not worry about the future though and instead look back. Here are some major things that happened this week. Kevin Spacey’s PR Team Sucks.  Kevin Spacey was this week accused of […]