Adam Chapman

Beatle Backs Brexit


If you aren’t aware, it came out this morning that the only original Beatle still alive and kicking (Paul died in 1996 if you believe the conspiracy theory) wants us to “Get on” with Brexit. Why the rush Ringo? You’re chilling in LA and didn’t even vote in the referendum, what skin is it off your old crusty back? He admitted in an interview with BBC Newsnight, that if he had voted he would have voted for Brexit as it’s a “Good move” to “Be in charge of your own country” before saying “Don’t tell Bob Geldof”

Now, Ringo was an okay drummer, probably a better narrator on Thomas The Tank Engine and an alright singer but he certainly isn’t and wasn’t at any time, a politician.

Maybe he missed it and got distracted by the bright lights of the city of angels but article 50 was triggered earlier this year on March 29th shortly after Midday. This means the UK has 2 years to officially leave the EU after trying to hash out a deal. It’s worrying to think how badly this is actually going to go. It’s pretty much like asking a bully to twist your nipples instead of kicking you in the balls because you called his dying mother a whore. Why in god’s name would they accept any deal in which Britain comes out on top? You can’t flip someone the bird and then ask to borrow their phone to book an Uber, which they then have to pay for, human beings don’t work like that.

As bored as I am of hearing about Brexit as shown in a previous article, I feel we need at least two years to get ourselves together. The country is still in chaos following a snap election that divided the country even further. Currently, the UK is being led by a blind sheep because the majority of the public was told to by people who’d rather spit on them than buy them a pint. One of the best analogies I’ve heard for our current Brexit negotiating power is that it’s like playing poker with a massive mirror behind you.

The thing that bugs me about this is the clear repeating of soundbites that have obviously influenced the 77-year-olds opinion. This whole idea of the everyday man wanting to “Take control of their own country” and not have laws put in place by people in Brussels is such a lacking argument. You only have to listen to James O’Brien on LBC to realise that the majority of Brexit voters have no idea what laws they were being forced to respect.

Human rights laws & workers rights laws passed by the EU, gah, yeah get rid of them, who gives a shit about workers or humans, they’re all shit. It sounds like the scrawlings of an angst filled teen in the weeks before he goes and shoots up his local high school. If someone can please tell me at least one EU law that has truly ruined their lives or that they will benefit from not obeying, please tell me, I really am on the edge of my seat.

If it comes down to immigration (and a lot of the time it does) then I’m sure Ringo is the last person to hold those sorts of views. I know he left India before the rest of the band because he didn’t like the food, but he’s surely benefited from immigration. He’s an immigrant himself, wait sorry, I got that wrong, he’s rich and western, he’s an ex-pat. Without influences from other cultures, The Beatles wouldn’t have been able to produce arguably one of their best albums Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, which has celebrated its 50th anniversary this year.

If you voted Brexit then fair enough, obviously I didn’t as I couldn’t possibly see any benefit but it angers me the arrogance people hold about the UK’s position in the world. “It’s called GREAT Britain for a reason”. We’re not in the time of the Empire anymore and currently we’re at our weakest we have been for decades.

It’s kind of like the fact Ringo is touring to promote his new album. What was once great surrounded by others that worked together to create something historic is now a tired old wreck relying on a reputation from another century.