Adam Chapman


“It’s cheaper than a pint”

Anyone else ever uttered these words? I’m pretty sure they’ve come out of each of our mouths at least once in our time on this earth. I’ll be honest it’s how I judge the expenses I face in life. The price of a pint of golden nectar can make or break my opinion of a place.

“Oh Hungary, isn’t it like a pound a pint there?” or “Central London is wank, it’s like 6 pounds a pint” It’s quite the disparity for the same volume of the same beer. For those interested the cheapest average pint in Europe is from Ukraine where it’s commonly around 49p. FORTY-NINE PENCE. Jesus, If Liverpool gets to the Champions League final in Kiev, Scousers are going to be getting blackout drunk for under a 10ner. Even if they don’t make it, you could get so drunk for a 10ner that you could convince yourself that Liverpool is in fact playing. It’s not like your eyes will be able to focus properly anyway. It might just be a coincidence that I ended up moving to Liverpool, home of one of the cheapest average pints in the whole of the UK.

Now, this could sound like I’m slowly slipping into a world of alcoholism, beer on the brain 24/7, not quite but I feel it’s quite a good measure to go by. One thing I’ve noticed in my 20s is that there’s not much in life that you do without finishing off with a pint. Go for a day out in town, once the shopping stops someone will make the offer that can’t be refused “Fancy a pint?” Game of footy with the lads? Pint. A job interview that went amazingly well or amazingly shite? Pint. Hell, even when a life ends it’s normally followed by a pint at the wake. It’s the metaphorical bookend, that’s done, and now it’s officially done.

Alcohol in western culture is everywhere, it’s there at times of celebration, it’s there at times of despair, it’s there when you’re bored but it’s also there when you’re making purchases of other items. The number of times I’ve refrained from buying something as it’s deemed too expensive in my eyes, only to go out to the pub later that night and spend the equivalent amount on blurred memories, a sore head and immense feeling of embarrassment as I down pint after pint of water the next day just doesn’t make any sense to my sober brain.

Maybe this is deemed more acceptable as it’s “living life”, socialising with friends or family but at the end of the day I’ve just pissed 30 quid up the wall (not literally, public pissing is a no-no) instead of purchasing an actual physical object that’ll last longer than half an hour, a new pair of jeans, a video game whatever it is. Honestly, there’s been times I’ve been chatting with friends about the latest release and they’ve gone “Nah man I can’t really afford to spend 20 quid on that right now” before heading to the bar and purchasing a round of drinks for 15 quid. The logic goes out the window after a few bevs it seems.

It’s crazy how much your view on finances can get warped by a simple addition of expense. Anyone else been shopping online and then stopped the purchase when you realised there’s a 3-pound delivery charge on your 50 quid order? I know I have. It’s like when you’re on a night out and suddenly realise you gotta pay 5 quid to get into a venue, that’s just a bit more expensive than a pint but it’s certainly made me and my friends go elsewhere. “More expensive than a pint? fuck off am I paying that for entry” I’m starting to think I’m just becoming tighter. Now living in a place with cheaper pints than anywhere else I’ve lived since becoming legally allowed to purchase alcohol has turned my idea of what’s expensive on its head.

I’m not sure if this is something you grow out of. Any person reading this who happens to be in a different decade of life to me mind dropping down in the comments your view? Maybe it’s just because I’m not earning enough to base my financial comparisons on anything else. Sure if I was a millionaire I’d probably be blowing my nose with 5-pound notes and comparing my expenses with caviar dinners and the price of a bottle of champagne. It’s all relative.

Whatever the case I’m going to sit here wishing I was playing the recently released Far Cry 5, refrain from buying it before inevitably spending the same amount on a night out this weekend.