Adam Chapman

Dr Who Gives A Shit?

STOP THE PRESS the BBC have cast Jodie Whittaker as the first ever female Doctor Who but “Who” the hell is that?

Jodie Whittaker is a multi-award winning nominated British actress who made her film debut starring alongside Peter O’Toole in 2006’s Venus. I first encountered Jodie Whittaker in the Black Mirror episode “The Entire History Of You” circa 2011 and personally feel she absolutely mastered portraying the caring yet guilt of the character. The subtleties in the looks she shot, the desperation of a life collapsing all around were completely astounding. Personally, I feel talent wise she’ll nail the Doctor (not like that) I mean it can’t exactly get any worse.

For absolute transparency, I’m gonna come straight out and admit I’m not the biggest Doctor Who fan. That, in turn, makes this whole female doctor debacle even more hilarious to myself. My social media channels over the past few days have crossed a spectrum of reactions from progressive congratulations to casual sexism. One in particular from the latter category went simply “Never thought I’d want to shag the doctor” whilst sharing the latest post from The Daily Mail of when she nearly had her tits out in the previously mentioned Black Mirror episode (one of the best episodes by the way…but for other reasons)

My main feelings towards this are that if the whole concept of a shape-shifting, time-travelling, sonic screwdriver wielding doctor is fine with some people then why the bloody hell can’t the doctor once in 13 times end up with different genitalia?

I’ll admit that when there was the talk of a female James Bond or a Jane Bond, I didn’t exactly feel that it would be a great idea. James Bond is a tongue in cheek amalgamation of stereotypical old timely masculinity that isn’t fully endearing but has inspired a generation of GQ reading young men. Doctor Who hasn’t exactly been held up as a pillar of man and rarely displays many behaviours that aren’t just neutral. You can’t tell me any male over the age of 8 is truly thinking “I want to be exactly like the doctor” sure I’m partial to wearing a long scarf during the colder months but I wouldn’t exactly say that’s doctor inspired.

You know what to sum up, if you’re not happy with the Doctor now becoming female, my main advice to you is, watch something else. Doctor Who is pretty wank anyway and we are in the Golden era of television.

so who gives a shit? I give just about enough of a shit to write this little piece and that’s the highest amount of shit anyone should give.