Weight Loss
Adam Chapman

How To Lose Weight

A Realistic Approach To Weight Loss

It’s the modern (ish) phenomenon even in a time of body shamers being shamed and Donald Trump apparently being in perfect medical health there seems to be a rise in the pursuit of healthy living. Each year when summer comes around advertising companies look for a newer more sensitive way to motivate people to achieve that “Summer Body”.

It was only in 2015 that protein world faced huge backlash for their “Are you beach body ready” advertising campaign. The backlash was due to people believing that the company was being exclusivist and shaming those who didn’t look like the model (whom the company had probably paid thousands to) on the poster

Beach Body Ready Ad
The advertising campaign in question.

Now, this really annoyed me due to a number of reasons. Protein world is a fitness based company. Their marketing is surely going to be based around people in peak physical condition (according to classic standards). I’m going to be incredibly real right now and suggest that I myself am not offended that protein world didn’t, in fact, choose me to appear on their posters. Call me a realist but I doubt the company would get many results with my jiggly body plastered all over tube stations around the capital. People’s argument was that the campaign suggested that people who didn’t look like that weren’t in fact owners of a beach body and should be banished to the shadows.

Speaking from experience as someone who has always struggled with their weight I’m going to side with the company and admit that I don’t have a “Beach Body”. Many lads holidays I’ve been on in the past I’ve felt terrible about taking my top off on the beach when surrounded by gym goers and it’s caused me some considerable anxiety. That’s not societies fault it’s mine. I’m not asking the world to change to fit my standards of beauty as I’m very aware of the fact that my allergic reaction to lifting weights and addiction to pints and cigarettes has led me to be considerably less healthy than many of my counterparts. Do I want the world to change and accept me for the way I am, bigging me up for “Being me?” no, that’d be awful. I’m very aware of the fact that if I ran a bit more, ate a bit better and cut down on putting crap in my body that I’d be millions of times happier and healthier.

Now you might be asking yourself “Well why don’t you do it then” and honestly, I’m just a lazy piece of s**t.

The benefits that come with healthy living are numerous. The mental health benefits spawn countless lists on the internet, something that obviously should appeal to anyone in the pursuit of happiness, yet again it’s my pure laziness and lack of ambition that stops me taking on this venture.

Sure genetics do play a part in weight loss and unfortunately, you can’t change that…yet, with the way science is going I don’t see it being long until parents are able to design their babies in the same way gamers create their characters. If that becomes the case how many parents are going to choose a terrible metabolism for their newborn? I’d argue the case that not many. It sucks but sometimes in life you just have to play the cards you’re given. I’ve got mates who’re fuelled by fast food and energy drinks, do little exercise, yet are as skinny as a stick (you know who you are). Of course, that means if I ever want to get to their waist size I have to put in twice the amount of work if not more. It sucks but when was life ever fair?

There’s no easy way to lose weight for some people, that’s the god honest truth, if you want to lose weight it’s going to take willpower and determination. You need fuel to keep that fire burning. Get your heart broken, get mocked about your weight by your friends, be inspired by people on billboards, just feel like a change. Whatever it is, embrace it. If you’re looking to lose weight it might just be the spark you need. Trying to change the world to accept you for who you are is just unrealistic and will ultimately make you feel worse in the long run (pun intended).

No one is telling you that you HAVE to lose weight, in fact, If you’re overweight and happy then more power to you, I wish I could hold that same self-confidence but it’s no surprise that when I try on an old pair of jeans and can barely fit into them that I feel a bit down about myself and recent reliance on pizza. I wouldn’t want the world to tell me I’m fine doing what I’m doing as that means I’m never going to change, and if it doesn’t work for me then I need to change.

If you’re honestly looking to lose weight for any reason then there’s a tried and tested formula that works for weight loss, eat well and exercise more. It’s been proven time and time again. Spending your time writing about it on the internet isn’t going to change a thing and with that being said, I’m going to go outside.