I Told Ya

Who needs ‘Mystic Meg’ when you’ve got ‘Psychic Sif’ right here at your beck and call?

This isn’t a new rant (that’s coming soon) but a short piece of self-aggrandising on my abilities to know the shit that is going to happen before it does, through careful thought and analysis…or, more accurately, guessing at the most ridiculous outcomes I can think of that then unbelievably come to fruition.

You may recall I wrote a rebuke and proposed rebuilding of the British honour system way back in September and at the end there was a dramatic imagining of a to and fro between King Arthur and one of his court and in that I, with great insight, predicted the knighting of one Richard Starky…aka, Ringo.

And bugger me, it’s happened. There’s got to be some drummer/knight jokes to be had…but I can’t think of any at the moment. More importantly than that, it appears I have future insight that is infallible.

So, who wants to know what’s going to happen regarding Brexit, Mutually Assured Destruction of the nuclear type or the next series of ‘I’m a Celebrity’? All I need to do is rub my crystal ball and all will be revealed to me. (Why I have a crystal ball is a personal, medical matter.)

That was it really, just bragging; see you at the next rant.

Why did the drummer accept the knighthood when he knew it was a purely cymbolic roll?

Terrible but it’s all I’ve got.