Adam Chapman

I Wish That Was A Video Game

As an avid gamer I often find myself thinking “Ahhh god that film would be so good as a video game”. Unfortunately when film executives want a video game to go alongside a film it’s normally pretty rubbish and is nothing more than a quick cash grab. In an attempt to play something half playable to my favourite films, I’ve started to find games with similarities.

The official movie game is 90% of the time just terrible. Ever played The Amazing Spiderman movie tie in? trash. Iron Man, Trash. Any Pixar game, god awful, kill me now. I mean the ET tie-in was one of the biggest reasons for the home video game market crash in the 80’s. Fuck off you lil alien bugger you nearly cost me my favourite time waster.

Sure, sure there are some exceptions to the rule, The warriors game on the original xbox was pretty amazing but that was mainly due to it being picked up by Rockstar Studios who’re famous for the likes of GTA and Red Dead Redemption. Don’t get me wrong 007 Goldeneye for the N64 was absolutely fantastic for the time, it hasn’t aged well in the slightest but we’re all embarrassed of photos of us from around 20 years ago aren’t we. Most of the time however I’m left with this longing feeling just praying that one day someone will get it absolutely right with some of my favourite films. Don’t even get me started on when they try and make a film out of a video game, fuck me, the Assassin’s Creed film looked rubbish in the trailers.

Until that day comes when film and video game executive just nail it, I thought I’d compile a quick list to scratch that itch (that I’m not sure anyone else has) and reveal to the world my deep dark secret of being an absolute nerd.

1. Elysium & District 9/Titanfall 2 


The inspiration for this list. After recently watching Elysium and remembering why I was such a huge fan of District 9 I started to crave a futuristic shooter that wasn’t your classic Halo. The similarities ring out straight away when I realised all the enemies in Titanfall 2 have a cracking South African accent reminiscent of near on everyone in both films. Furthermore in both films the protagonist ‘Suits up’ suddenly becoming an absolute badass, a sense of power instantly felt when boarding your titan for the first time.

2. Indiana Jones/Uncharted & Tomb Raider 

I’d say these two games are more love letters to the whip wielding, hat saving, snake fearing legend that is Indiana Jones. All 3 offer up very similar plot lines in the search of ancient ruins in the search for long lost treasures. Nathan Drake, the protagonist of the Uncharted series, holds a very strong character resemblance to Indy, cracking one liners in a way you only wish you could when on that awkward first Tinder date. Each of the three characters became icons for their respective decades in the ancient world exploring action genre and all three are more than worth a visit or 10.

3. Saving Private Ryan/Medal Of Honor Frontline & Call Of Duty WWII 

Obviously the subject matter of World War Two is a common theme in these 3, but it’s the iconic opening scene of Saving Private Ryan that video game developers have been trying to replicate. I’ll admit when I was young playing through Medal Of Honor Frontline (I know it’s spelt the American way) I used to pretend to be that bible line spouting sniper Jackson from Saving Private Ryan. Now 25 I’d like to feel like I’ve matured slightly, Lord knows I haven’t but it’s nice to have goals. Call Of Duty WWII is set for release later this year and already the man child that I am is so hyped to re-live my childhood. I’m pretty sure I made a sound of pure excitement when I saw a Normandy style beach landing in the trailer.

4. Zombieland/Dead Rising & Left 4 Dead 

Zombieland was somewhat unique in it’s take on the zombie film genre. It managed to hold a comedic tone without resorting to cringeworthy b-movie effects and terrible acting. Dead rising although drawing more on the b-movie style holds this same feel, battling through supermarkets with a variety of weapons with your tongue so in your cheek that it’s almost broken through. Furthermore (spoiler warning) if you tell me that end scene of Zombieland where Tallahassee is holding off swarms and swarms of zombies in the kiosk isn’t reminiscent of Left 4 Dead, then have you even played Left 4 Dead?

Gladiator/Ryse: Son Of Rome & Shadow Of Rome 

Oh my god, Gladiator, it still holds up to this day, even if Russell Crowe doesn’t. The 2000 released roman epic really bought the audience into the terrifying atmosphere of the colosseum to the point where you could almost feel the sand between your toes and the sword embedded in your right arm. Obviously only being around 9/10 the first time I saw it the first thing I thought was “coooooooooool” totally disregarding the fact that this was actually the fate of many a slave of the roman era. Ryse: Son Of Rome and Capcom’s Shadow Of Rome offers a similar experience with the same levels of brutality, limbed being hacked off, the bloodthirsty roar of the crowds and the feeling of pure relief in survival a round. Influence clearly drawn and dealt with in an absolutely brilliant way, paying a great homage to such a great film.

So there we have it, some co-working films and games to satisfy that craving. Have any ideas about some I may have missed? drop a comment.