Adam Chapman

Jack of All Trades

I’ll be honest with you, why should we as human beings have to wait until spring to do a big ol’ clean? It’s disgusting, unhygienic and most importantly not calendar permitting. 

More to the point, I’ve recently been on a bit of a clear out recently, trying to make some more space in my little room by being honest with myself and saying “Are you ever going to watch that again?” “Are you honestly ever going wear that again…I don’t know why you thought wearing it once was a good idea”. The usual burst on enthusiasm you get when you truly believe you can improve your life with a minimal amount of effort. 

Now as a consumer of media, CDs, DVDs, video games and the like, the ‘collections’, if you can call them that, have grown over the years. These aren’t collections of rare items that’ll one day be worth a fortune, it’s more just the amalgamation of once needed indulgences. 

Fashion wise, my style and waistline have changed over the years so, there’s no personal use for these clothing items anymore. 

But what to do with this pile of things I’ve no interest in anymore? A big bin bag followed by lugging it down to the disposal area in my flat? Ebay? one of the popular trade in places in town? These are all very good options, but ultimately flawed. 

To just throw them in the bin without mercy or thought would lead to an ever growing non bio-degradable blob being added to the pile that’ll no doubt take over the entire earth one day. Not good for the planet or my ever-degrading lower back. 

So Ebay? Well, this sounds great in theory, make a bit of money back if there’s some poor sap out there who for some reason really desires a used version of Love Actually or some shirt I’ve grown out of but ultimately it relies on me keeping all of this around for longer than my enthusiasm for the clear out will last. 

Finally a trade in place? With the wonders of technology, you can see what you former items are worth before dragging it into the store and standing around awkwardly while someone scans each and every barcode. The result? Well, I’ve seen some of these DVDs with a trade in value of 5 – 10 pence. That’s right 0.05 Great British Pounds. All so they can flog it for an unbelievable mark up ranging in the hundreds to thousands of percentages. Also, you’re sort of left there with a bit of a sickly feeling in your mouth knowing you’re lining the pockets of a major corporation due to your own laziness. 

So I bring to you the best and final solution. Charity shops. 

Charity shops are fantastic, I myself get most of my clothing from there and might be ever so slightly addicted to the rush I get when finding something in my size and style for little more than a quid. Sure I have no use for these items but they could ultimately make someones day if they come across it. Plus you get the ever warming knowledge that your donation is actually doing some good for the world. It’s providing people voluntary opportunities and jobs, profits are going towards good causes instead of a CEO’s new sports car and after all that it’s giving me the opportunity to partake in one of my favourite hobbies, charity shop bargain hunting. 

It’s the perfect circle of life for consumable items, you buy them, use them, pass them on, better for the environment and better for the peace of mind. 

This might be a desperate plea as I’m in the market for a more winter durable wardrobe but I see it as undeniably the best option for the big clean. 

So next time you’re thinking of doing a clear out, do yourself a favour, do me a favour and support charity shops across the country, it’s the right thing to do.