Adam Chapman

On This Day: The Gamble

Facebook, the Goliath that is.

Most people with an internet connection use it. You’re probably reading this through a link uploaded to the site, have checked it at least once today or at least have a dormant profile someone out there on the internet. It truly has revolutionised the world.

So over the years, Facebook has added a number of new features. Some were well received like tagging photos and the ability to chat with your friends that completely killed off MSN messenger. Others less so, the ability to send invites to candy crush and Farmville ranking amongst the most despised features.

There is one feature however that I feel splits opinions right down the middle.

That feature is the “On This Day” or “Facebook Memories” tab.

Let’s start off with the positives seeing as it’s Tuesday and everyone needs some cheering up. Pictures can flash up of a holiday you went on sending you into a momentary reminisce as you sit in the office or lie in bed in freezing cold England. “A year ago today you became friends with [insert name]” here’s all the stuff you’ve done together since. You know it’s nice, friendship is something to be cherished and all that.

But you gotta realise it’s a gamble.

Christ alive, it’s become somewhat of an addiction now, checking it near on daily just as something to do. You know what I’m often greeted with? “It’s been however many years since…” I left a status about the death of a mate or the death of a pet. Awful news, I don’t want to remember that, what a way to ruin a day, now I’m gonna spend all day thinking about that and feeling a bit glum.

That’s one scenario, the other?

The flashing up of a friend you’ve fallen out with or a previous significant other. Ahhh god this is too much to think about now.

I know the easiest option would be not to check it, but I’m a very nostalgic sort of person. The music from a video game I played loads when I was 7 years old can fill me with butterflies. Some of those pictures of holidays or nights out in the past give me a smile.

To quote one of the best shows out there, Mad Men, “In Greek, Nostalgia literally means the pain from an old wound”. It’s the battle scars we carry from life. Our past is what creates us, what makes us who we are today.

That’s all well and good but Facebook you gotta put a filter on this shit.