Adam Chapman

Share This With Your Friends That…

It is time for a good ol’fashioned rant as I feel I’ve been becoming too positive recently here on The Bickering Press.

Waking up this morning I did the usual rounds of the social media, dropped a few dynamite tweets as I drank my morning cuppa (follow us @bickeringpress) and then headed over to Facebook. You know what I realised? about 90% of pure, freshly squeezed shite, less concentrated than the glass of orange juice I proceeded to drink with breakfast.

Now we covered this briefly in our attempt at relatable comedy and for some reason, I’m not a millionaire yet but Facebook videos/pictures really are getting desperate in what you can tag your friends in/share your friend that…

This morning I saw one that said: “Share with your friends who have an itchy bum.” right…If the only thing I was known as to my friends was “Oh yeah Adam, he has an itchy bum” then I really would either think about going to see a professional and picking up some form of ointment or just really rethink why I’m scratching my arse in front of my friends all the time. A few of the comments down below were people being like “haha (crying emoji) remember that time you scratched your bum in Tesco haha”. If this literally is the height of comedy you share between you and your mates then wowzers no wonder shows like Mrs Brown’s Boys gets so many viewers.

It’s comedy for people who don’t have a sense of humour. Look at this ‘funny’ thing that is relatable to 85% of the people on the planet how could I not tag all my friends? It’d be rude not to.

If this is modern day marketing then to be perfectly honest The Bickering Press is pretty screwed as I know I don’t want to fall down that path. Maybe I’m getting too old, maybe I don’t know what the kids are into. When did 25 become the new 75? I thought life began at 40 and 40 was the new 30 so? It’s too early in the morning for this.

I can just see a boardroom filled with directors of a funeral planners like “We have to start embracing memes to advertise our business” some 22-year-old intern, fresh out of uni pipes up “What about a picture of a coffin or a video of a body being lowered into the grave with ‘tag your mates who are going to die one day’ at the end” BINGO! millions of views and one comment being like “haha Stacey remember when you had that existential crisis in Sainsbury’s?” You know what Stacey we’ve all been there.

Taking this into account I’ve finally discovered how to get The Bickering Press to go viral, tag your friends who have ever eaten carrots…or chips or fuck it I don’t care anymore.