Sif Rants,
Adam Chapman,  Sif

Sif Rants One Man’s Stand Against a World Made Mostly of Mad

Well, he’s only gone and done it, our esteemed writer and resident ranter Sif has released a book. 

Nurtured through his time here at The Bickering Press, this exclusive edition of rants is a hilarious journey through the inner workings of a man trying to make it through life when everything and everyone can annoy him. 

From the man himself he describes the book as “From second-rate sandwiches to decaying democratic designs, from tainted titles to malevolent music and from senseless statistics to warrior women, (plus dangerous drivers, intrusive internet, surreal selling, murderous mammals and many more) there are endless things in today’s world that can make a sane person blow their stack…and quite rightly too.” 

It’s a viciously unique approach to life in the 21st century and a must read for any fans of The Bickering Press. 

You can purchase Sif Rants: One man’s stand against a world made mostly of mad, through Amazon, Kindle and paperback available.