Adam Chapman

Starving The Poor And The State Of Britain

Yesterday I read one of the most depressing things I’ve seen in Britain in a while. As child poverty numbers increase, teachers have reported seeing clearly malnourished children stuffing their food with pockets due to fears they won’t have any once they return home. That in itself is a visual representation of the current state of the UK.

Let’s just think about that for a moment.

How in a country where the average income is above £20,000 are hundreds of children going hungry when they return from school? That just straight up shouldn’t be happening. Before anyone gets on my back and says “Well this is happening all over the world not just in Britain why do you care now?” I’m well aware that global poverty is still in existence, I’m just writing about something I read yesterday…Okay, now we’ve gotten that out the way let’s continue.

It was recently announced that The Government is looking to scrap free school meals, yet another cut, yet another situation that the Government is so detached from yet feels the need to impose their will on. In a move that holds too much of an eerie similarity to Margret Thatcher’s desire to hoard all the milk for herself, Thersa May is looking to one-up her and take away their food. I know what will help starving children, less food. The logic of a dust mite being implemented right there. It’s the same old bullshit we just have to bend over and take from the Conservatives nowadays. There’s no money for this yet they can spunk it all away on their own interests. Disgusting! I’d rather have tax money going to a number of children’s lunches than a politician’s taxi ride.

Statistics from Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) suggest that for an average class of 30 pupils around 9 of them are experiencing poverty outside of school. That’s around 4 million kids! This doesn’t amount to just a lack of food, as previously mentioned. This could also include no secure address and less quality in their clothing. Could you imagine that? School is difficult enough without being teased for your appearance. Children can be ruthless in what they bully someone for as many of them don’t know better, but no child deserves to be on the receiving end of bullying for reasons outside their control.

So why is this happening?

Sure many ignorant people out there would blame the parents, suggest they aren’t providing enough for their children, aren’t working hard enough to earn enough but how archaic can you get in your thinking if you truly believe that? 2/3 of the 4 million children previously mentioned come from homes where at least one parent/guardian is working but even that doesn’t cut it in Britain today. You only have to speak to any single person with no kids to look after to realise that minimum wage work is barely enough to support themselves let alone a family.

“Well don’t have children if you work minimum wage jobs then” I’ve actually heard someone say this before, what gives someone the right to restrict certain members of society from experiencing the miracle of childbirth and the joys that having children can bring someone? You’re working to put money in the pocket of someone higher up yet can’t even have anything more than the privilege of working. So if a job isn’t enough, what more can you do? not much by the looks of things.

That’s if you can even find a job, unemployment numbers in the UK are still drastically high especially for people between 18-30. Speaking from experience I earned myself a degree, had good grades throughout school and a heap of experience yet still struggled to find even the most basic of jobs.

With wages still hovering just under the rate of inflation, how can someone even think about covering the parasitic increase in rent prices? My rent is estimated to rise 3-5% after this years tennancy apparently but I’ve had friends renting from private landlords who’ve chucked up the rent over £150 extra a month. Families and communities being priced out of the places they’ve called home for decades, moving them further away from their work and adding increased financial burdens on them.

What has this led to?

The numbers of people sleeping rough in the UK have more than doubled since 2010. Honestly, it makes me feel that the plan of the Conservative Government is to slowly starve the poor out of existence. It’s reminiscent of that Mitchell And Webb Look Sketch in which they discuss the financial benefits of killing the poor.

It does make me wonder if someone somewhere has actually discussed this behind closed doors. If not killing them I’m sure someone somewhere has accused those stricken in the poverty crisis of breeding like rabbits, then going on to choke on their 5th glass of port.

So what do desperate people turn to in many cases? an in-depth article by Oliver Clark at Rehab 4 Addiction talks about the effects of a troubled upbringing and poverty can have on those who end up homeless was bought to my attention. This constant stress of living can lead to a number of misunderstood mental health problems that often get swept under the rug.

I guess the future is pretty clear to many of us, we’re going to be homeless, have no children and be reliant on food banks, whose numbers continue to increase until they’re also taken away because it’s constantly shoved down our throats that sacrifices must be made for a stronger Britain. Fuck me I dread to think what it’s going to be like after we rip ourselves away from the EU.