Adam Chapman

The Daily Mail Fails Again

You know, much like anyone else with a slight slither of intelligence and acceptance I’m not a huge fan of The Daily Mail.

You only need to look at the years and years of fear mongering, stupidity that has been splattered across their so-called newspaper to realise it’s made for a very specific kind of bigot.

But when they aren’t ripping into immigrants “lefties” or people without enough money they’re just being pretty rubbish human beings.

I say this as I was looking up the recent injury to the WWE star Paige, real name Saraya-Jade Bevis. For those who aren’t aware, Paige is a 25 professional wrestler for the WWE hailing from Norwich. She’s made strides in her relatively short career having lifted the and held the NXT Women’s championship for about 308 days. Sure it’s scripted but this shows that the company believed in her and wanted to boost her character.

Unfortunately for Paige, she suffered a spinal/neck injury when a kick to her back went wrong as can be seen in the footage below.

So how do our friends at The Daily Mail report on what is a tragic turn in the career of someone in their mid-20’s who’s worked most of their life to get to the level they are at now? THEY BRING UP LEAKED SEX TAPE! Hacked from her phone. How low can you get? This is the headline they ran with:

“The kick that ended a career: WWE star Paige ‘will NEVER wrestle again’ after suffering horror ‘stinger’ neck injury in New York bout just as she was putting sex tape scandal behind her”

Talk about kicking someone (excuse the pun) whilst they’re down. All the leaked footage was from last year and many of us would have either not seen the news or forgotten about it entirely.

They even go on to report how the stress of such personal material being leaked led to the 25-year-old suffering from anorexia. So again what better thing to do than to bring it up again.

This isn’t journalism, this is vindictive harassment that deserves no place in modern day reporting.

I know it seems a bit hypocritical as I myself have ended up mentioning it, however, this is more calling a major company out on their shady practices than going after Paige.

It’s a shame that it was recently reported that Richard Branson has backtracked on his initial ban on the sale of The Daily Mail on Virgin Trains. Obviously, money speaks louder than morals in this world.

I know a ban would cancel out a freedom of choice to the public but freedom of choice isn’t exactly something The Daily Mail is known for…unless you’re choosing their side.