Adam Chapman

Tommy Lawrence: What Are The Chances?

Footballers nowadays are super rich, global icons known in every corner of the (flat) earth*

It’d be hard to believe in 50 years time that players such as Messi, Ronaldo and…Jordan Henderson wouldn’t be instantly recognisable to members of the public.

Football back in the day wasn’t nearly on the same scale that it has reached in modern times. Many matches weren’t televised, social media wasn’t even close to being a thing and players weren’t paid 10 times most peoples yearly salary in 7 days.

If you want something to warm your heart, just check out this 30-second clip of an interviewer’s chance meeting with Tommy Lawrence, a former Liverpool goalkeeper, asking him about a match he coincidently played in.

Tommy, unfortunately, passed away today at the ripe old age of 77.

Lawrence represented Liverpool for 14 years making over 360 appearances for the red half of the city.

He enjoyed success at the club bringing in 2 league titles and an FA cup between the years of 1963-1965.

It’s a shame really as Liverpool could desperately use someone of his quality between the sticks right now.

A hero on Merseyside who’ll be fondly remembered.

Tommy Lawrence 14th May 1940 – 10th January 2018

*The writer of this piece does not, in fact, believe the earth is flat.