Adam Chapman

Videos Like This Annoy Me So Much

I’ve got to stop getting so annoyed at videos I see on Facebook, I’m sure it’s taking years off my life.

Our most recent contender comes from Buzzfeed. Now I gotta say, there is a love/hate relationship going on with Buzzfeed, some of the content they make I do find very interesting and thoroughly enjoyable. Their “Worth It” series I feel is a great little endorsement for businesses that might not otherwise get the exposure, whilst also providing a peek into how the other half lives. I also feel a lot of the work they do around mental health does provide people with comfort in what is commonly quite a lonely infliction.


Buzzfeed really needs to stop making videos like this:

Now, I know what you’re about to say, “But Adam, it’s promoting a good, body positive attitude to have” and “What’s wrong with it?” and I’ll tell you right now.

Videos like this do nothing more than to subtly put into peoples heads that there is actually a problem, to begin with. All of the “Plus size girls can’t” (also lacking the apostrophe in can’t, but don’t even get me started on that) just leave me asking WHO? Who is saying plus size girls can’t wear 2 piece swimsuits? The fashion magazines? Then stop buying them. Who’s saying that plus size girls can’t be confident? That’s abysmal, confidence shouldn’t fully come down to the way you look, find pride in other aspects of your life and stop giving a shit. You can’t turn around and say “It’s society that’s telling us this” because no it isn’t. Most people in the world have bigger fish to fry than if a plus size girl wears a colourful tight dress or not, it’s really not that high on most peoples agendas.

The reason this annoys me so much is the comment section on videos like this, it’s just made to create arguments.

If it’s not accusing all men of being shallow, it’s someone trolling saying “Yeah, plus size girls shouldn’t do this” and people falling for the bait like a hungry lion whos just been presented with a steak so big it looks like something out of a cartoon.

I just hate the strawman that videos like this presents. It’s toxic for young people viewing this. Someone might not even believe there’s a problem but Buzzfeed’s ‘protest’ will make them believe they’re fighting against it and give internet trolls more ammunition.

All of the things this video brings up is all of the insecurities that plus size girls have on themselves and so project onto others to justify it. Content like this is toxic for the world as I know if I was a plus size girl and had watched this video then the next time I wanted to wear a two-piece swimsuit instead of doing it normally without thinking, I’d be thinking that I’m ‘making a stand’ or ‘being brave’ when in all matter of fact…I’m just wearing a swimsuit.

That’s it.

No one would give a shit, honestly.