Adam Chapman


A lot of abbreviations in that title shall we break them down?

WTF = What The Fuck

ASMR =Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

ASMR is also a hip new thing that all the kids are into nowadays. Just type it into youtube to get a basic idea of what the hell is happening. It’s this slightly meditative style video that can be set anywhere. The sounds, the whispers, the lingering feeling of not doing much with your life. All of these combined are supposed to transport you to certain familiar and relaxing situations. I mean check this video set in a barber shop.

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice relaxing papering, a fresh cut, a nice trim. relaxing right? WRONG!

The thing I find incredibly uncomfortable about this video, in particular, is that in essence, it is a man whispering to me about straight edge razors. The only other times I’ve seen that on screen someone inevitably dies.

Apparently, it’s all suppose to evoke tingles up the spine and on the back of your neck, like being ever so slightly tickled. If this is another lonely fetish thing then I think I have to rethink what I’m writing about for The Bickering Press. First sex dolls and now this? My internet search history over the past 2 days is starting to look a bit strange. If I disappeared tomorrow in mysterious circumstances and the police investigated my recent online activity, then I’m worried about the theory ol’ Sherlock would come up with.

It’s crazy though, it really is. Here’s a video featuring one of our favourite badasses Negan from The Walking Dead, WTF IS THIS?


Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

We okay to continue? ok good.

I’m sure Abraham and Glenn had a ‘tingles’ running down their neck and spine when they got their heads caved in by Negan’s barbed wire wrapped baseball bat named Lucille. Relaxing as fuck to picture that as I’m trying to head off to the land of Nod. But you know props to the guy for his cosplay, he’s done pretty well on the voice too.

Maybe it’s just lost on me, I’ve tried it with headphones, I’ve tried it on surround sound, no tingles nothing? I’m personally just a bit creeped out by the whole thing.

If someone reading this article is into this sort of thing can you please comment and let me know the appeal? Is it like how elderly people have the radio on to sort of pretend it’s company and forget how their family doesn’t visit them? Do people pick these sorts of things instead of say, a podcast or something?

Speaking of Podcasts, we’re looking to launch one in the coming months, so look out for The Bickering Podcast and if you’d like to feature please email me: Who knows maybe we’ll feature some ASMR and really draw in the crazy amount of numbers these videos seem to be getting.